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9.6 The Uses of Composite Materials

Composite material
■ Composite material

Materials made from two or more constituent materials with significantly different physical or chemical properties. The two materials combined together to give the composite desirable properties,

Consist of a mixture of two or more materials such as metals, alloys, ceramics, carbon and polymer.

Generally, composite materials have better properties of the original material.
■ This video contains information on the composite material.
■ Types of composite materials and its uses.

Compositions: mixture of cement, gravel, sand water, iron/steel to produce nets, rods or bars.
Properties: strong, high tensile
Uses: construction material for highways, buildings and bridges.

Compositions: Mixture of various components such as niobium and germanium.
Properties: No electrical resistance(zero resistance). Only can function under an extremely low temperature.
Uses: Materials for transportation, telecommunication and astronomy, industry and medical.

Fibre glass
Compositions: Mixture of silica, sodium carbonate and calcium carbonate.
Properties: Good insulator of heat and electricity.
Uses: Protective apparel materials for astronauts and fire-fighters.

Fibre optic
Compositions: Mixture of glass, copper and aluminium.
Properties: Enables information to be transmitted in light form at high speeds.
Uses: Electrical cables in communication industry and cables used in medical field to observe internal organs without performing surgery.

Photochromic glass
Compositions: Molten silica mixed with a little argentum chloride.
Properties: Dark-coloured when exposed to bright light and bright when in the dark.
Uses: Optical lenses and glass windows for vehicles.

Ceramic glass
Compositions: Exposing glass that contains certain amount of metals to ultraviolet rays and heating it at a high temperature.
Uses: Cooking materials and rocket heads.

Plastic strengthened with glass fibres
Compositions: Mixture of plastic and glass fibres
Properties: Very strong, light, easily formed and can withstand corrosion.
Uses: Make helmets, the body of cars and aeroplanes, rods and other parts of aeroplanes.

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