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1.1 Chemistry and its importance

The Meaning of Chemistry
■ Chemistry

The scientific study of the properties, composition and structure of substances found around us.

The changes which occur when these substances interact with one another.
■ Chemicals and their usage

Most activities in daily life involve chemical reactions.

Chemical used in daily life are produced by chemical-based industries.

Chemical Uses
Cement Used as construction materials of buildings
Salt Used in cooking.
Used as a food preservative to enable food to last longer.
Paint Used to protect surfaces.
Cleaning agent Used as washing agents to remove stains.
Medicine Used to cure diseases.

Career in the field of chemistry

Career Description
To study the nature of chemical substances in the surroundings.
Genetic scientist and engineer
To study the genetic and chemical composition of chromosomes and the effect of engineering on their composition
To study the nature of chemical substances on earth.
To study and synthesize new medicines and drugs and their effect on various diseases.

Career in the field of chemistry

Field Description
Petroleum and natural gas industry
Provide fuel source for vehicles and cook.
Chemical industry
Make petrochemical materials such as polyvinyl chloride or PVC and plastic objects such as pails and electronic components.
Agricultural chemical industry
Make pesticides and fertilisers
Food industry
Produce food additives such as food flavouring.
Produce preservative agent such as sodium benzoate.
Pharmaceutical industry
Produces, and markets drugs licensed for use as medications.
Electronic industry
Electronic industry. Produce microchips from semiconductors such as silicone and ceramic.
Produce superconductors to process information faster.

Worked-example 1.1(a)
Fill in the blanks with suitable words.
(a) __________Chemistry is a field of study related structures, composition, properties and interactions of matter.
(b) A __________pharmacist requires both chemical and medical knowledge to discover new drugs to cure a disease.
(c) __________Geochemist involves in the research on chemical in the Earth's crust.
(d) __________Chemical-based industry produce a wide range of useful products for consumers and contribute to economy development of country.

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